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Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Stoeger Grips & Stuff

Unfinished Business
Haven't been motivated as of late to finish the last post of the list of the Baddest Assed Arsenal, numbers 11 - 20. Will do soon.

Get a Grip!
Got a new grip sleeve for my Stoeger Cougar. Its a Hogue Handall grip I purchased on line from Red Star Arms, www.redstararms.com. They are a great company. I actually ordered the wrong size and called just as they were packing it for shipment. The guy I spoke to replaced it without charging me the buck difference. They have some great stuff for your AK, check them out.

Anyway, this grip feels fantastic. It took a bit of wiggling to get it on, and it isn't a 100% perfect fit, but damn close enough. Even though it isn't my most accurate pistol, I love this thing. It is fun as hell to shoot, and is a good conversational piece to boot. People love the Beretta to Stoeger story and as soon as the handle it, many have said they will need to pick one up! BTW, last time Vance's had them on sale they were $329!!.

Pics of the grip below. Now this is a beautiful weapon!!

Bye-Bye Hi-Point.
In other news, despite what I said in my video review of the Hi-Point C-9 9mm, I have decided to sell it to a friend from work. Its not that it was a bad weapon, I just find myself reaching for the Stoeger every time I want to shoot 9mm. I am going to use the proceeds to help purchase a new .45 pistol. Hopefully I can sell my current .45 and save a bit to get it. My "gun fund" has grown quite considerably and it is only a miracle that the wife has not beaten me senseless over it yet!! Love you Babe!!

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