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Friday, July 4, 2008

Bad Assed Arsenal!!!

Wow, a list, how original! Yeah, I know, doing a list is a lazy way of writing, but after reading other such lists, I decided to create a list of the 20 baddest assed weapons that you could have in your arsenal of the past 100 or so years. Some are bad ass because if you see someone with one, you know that death is surely coming after. Others are simply bad ass because of their widespread use, or inovivation, or mystique or any other reason I could think of.

1. M1911-A1 .45 ACP Pistol. The gift John Browning left us to remember him by. Bad assed enough to be used by the US Military for over 100 years (baring those years that we had a lapse in judgement and issues 9mm to the troops due to some type of Eurotrash worship that I have yet to fully grasp - don't get me wrong I think the 9mm is a good round, but given the choice I would carry .45 into battle).

Bad Assed folks that used it: John Wayne (OK, that is enough in itself to end the list right there, but I shall continue), GEN George Patton, Audie Murphy, Magnum PI, Alvin York

2. The AK-47 and it's decendents. The world's assault rifle. It is estimated that 100 MILLION of these bad boys and their variants were produced. If you know another assault weapon that is as universally recognizable around the globe, let me know. It is actually used on the Flag of at lease 1 country and countless other militant organizations around the world (Many of which I would love to us an AK against). A rifle scorned by many as being crude and inaccurate, it is neverless an important, if not the most important, weapon of the 20th century. It's fielding by the former Soviets and their puppets changed the way that Armies viewed the individuals role on the battlefield forever.

Bad assed folks that used it: Me, millions of others

3. The M1 Garand .30 rifle. One of the best things other than hockey to come our way from Canada. The product of a transplanted Cannuck, the M1 was the first mass issued semi-auto rifle issued to any Army. General Patton called it the finest weapon of all time (Patton died in 1945 before some of the other weapons on this list). The military passed on the pussy .276 Pedersen round in favor of the good 'ol 30-06 round every red-blooded American at the time went out to slay Bambi with. And thank God they did. In Korea, there are documented reports of US Infantryman successfully engaging Chinese mass assaults at ranges of over 500 yards before the Chinese could even see the Americans.

Bad assed folks that used it: The US Army and Marines, John Wayne, Audie Murphy, Roy Schneider in Jaws to blow up a bad-assed shark (there were no explosives used, the M1 destroys it targets like that normally!), Most of the troopers in Band of Brothers.

4. Mauser Gwer K-98 8mm. Actually not 8mm, but thats another story. This was the apex of bolt action rifle development. Our US '03 Springfield - basically a copy. This design is so advanced that even now over 100 years later it is still being used in new bolt action designs as nobody can really improve on the design. Yeah, I know the Germans (Gerries or Krauts if you like) were the bad guys, but you have got to respect the design and traits that this rifle posessed. Accurate and hard hitting out to 1000 meters it was the first bolt action design that cocked the weapon with the operation of the bolt, removing a step in the process of putting steel on target for its users. It featured an advanced safety system that has 3 setting, safe and bolt locked, safe and bolt operational and fire - pretty cool in a design from the 1890's. Plus, I got one!

Bad assed folks that used it: Hmmm, mostly Germans, who after kicking the Romans' butts (who were highly respected bad asses in their own time) went down hill for the next Millenium ultimately creating exostential poetry and pastry in the last half of the 19th century before realizing that they were supposed to be bad asses.

5. M-16 5.56x45 Rifle. Plastic Fantastic, the black rifle, the Armalite mistake, heard them all. Still, this weapon has been doing the deed for the past 40+ years. 1/2 of a bad ass point taken away being that we actually adopted it after the Air Force, but oh well. I used on for 20+ years in the military and can say this, keep it clean, take care of it and it will take care of you. It is definitley more accurate than its arch rival the AK, although certainly more tempermental. I never saw misfires on a range until I went from Infantry to REMF, where the folks that had been Admin their entire career were more interested in getting the hell off the range and into the club than mastering their weapon and maintaining it. The 16 had a rough childhood with the bastards in Washington changing powder specs for the rounds causing all types of hell for our troop in Vietnam until that cluster fuck was corrected. Now evolved into the M-4, the design is as flexible and lasting as anyone could have hoped for.

Bad assed folks that used it: Me, the US Military

7. FN-FAL. In the middle of the 20th Century, if you didn't carry a AK or a M-14, you carried the FN. A beautiful, but a bit long, design, it has proven to be a reliable design to this day. Inspired many other rifles.

Bad Assed folks that used it: The Brits - who refused to go to 5.56 until the 80's.

8. Remington 870 Shotgun. CLICK-CLANK! Is there anybody who doesn't quiver at the sound of a 12 gauge being racked? One round and the argument is effectively over. Getting hit with a blast of 00 buckshot is the equivalent of taking 9 .380 rounds ALL AT THE SAME TIME!! The 870 is the quintessential shotgun, a favorite of hunters and law enforcement officers alike. Yes, there are other shotguns that are popular (the Mossberg 500 is the military's go-to scattergun, I have a Mossy Maverick 88 myself) but the 870 is the gun to which all others are measured.

Bad Assed folks that used it: The Police about everywhere, the US Army, zombie killing heroes in many a bad movie...

9. The Browning Hi-Power 9mm. What a 9mm on the list?!?! Yep, its true. Again, the 9mm is not the ideal combat round but used properly it is effective. Many people forget John Browning's "other pistol" as it has faded from popular use in the later part of the 20th century, but for many a warrior this was his pistol of choice in such conflicts as WWII, Korea, the Indochina War, Burma, Rhodesia, Africa and many, many other places. Before the age of the "wonder 9" pistols this pistol was packing 13 rounds ready for business and can still hold its own agains the best poly designs on the market today. What makes this weapon even more unique is that it was actually developed for the FRENCH!!

Bad Assed folks that used it: Brits, French (give it a rest already, some of them fought bravely), Germans (they captured the manufacturing facility in Belgum in WWII), The OSS and SAS,
Special Forces

10. The Thompson M1A1 Sub-machine gun. Did you see Saving Private Ryan? Do I need to say more? Honestly, rising out of the stigma of a ganster gun in the 30's, the Thompson earned a respectible reputation on both side during WWII as a hard hitting and dependable weapon. Firing only on automatic, its cyclic rate was slow enough for gunners to be able to shoot fairly well aimed single shots. Normally our troops only used 20 round stick magazines in it, as 2o rounds of .45 ACP is worth twice that in any other round!

Bad Asses that used it: Audie Murphy, The Brits, The US, Al Capone

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